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Bali moon wedding is a wedding organizer based in Bali. With their website balimoonwedding.com they can promote the business to all over the world.


 responsive web design - balimoonwedding - 1st.web.idwww.bali-dirtbike-adventures.com

Bali-dirtbike-adventures.com and 1st.web.id has been partnered since 2014. They got some call through the website in just around 6 months since we launch the website.

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Getjob.web.id is a free job seeker website. Event its free, the Admin is really strict in filtering the fake job vacancy.


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Reopan.com built with the aim to deliver the news / information technology in more depth from various perspectives, especially for the people of Indonesia.

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sanikarindahayu.com is a website created for oriflame consultants to share all informations and promotions in regard to oriflame business.

sistem antrian di polda bali 
queuing system in Polda Bali
sistem antrian palayanan ktp bali 
queuing system palayanan ktp bali

The queuing system we created can be applied to the Banks, District Office, Government Office, and any services that line up.

Has been proven tough because it is already used by many companies and government agencies.

Our queue program consists of 3 main modules :

  1. Server Application Queue – Work as a data center connected to all client computers.
  2. Print Application Queue – Connects to the server to get current queue and print it.
  3. Call Application Queue – A queue call, can be a human voice.