6 stages of software development

System / Website Development Stages

Here it is 1st web Indonesia (read: First Web Indonesia) give a summarize of 6 Stages of Software Development.

  1. Business Survey – Aiming to know the business processes running in the organization.
  2. Requirements Gathering – Aiming to explore the needs in building the system.
  3. Analysis and Design – Aiming to analyze the results of the requirement gathering and generating the optimal architectural design to building the system.
  4. Development and Testing – Aiming to develop the system and perform testing to ensure the system developed was appropriate design that has been set / agreed.
  5. Training – Aiming to provide training in the use of systems already developed.
  6. Support and Maintenance – Aiming at providing post-installation and handover to ensure optimal use of the system in accordance with the objectives and needs.

The time required in the execution of a project software / website is largely determined by the availability of materials / content (articles, images, data, etc.) and of course the level of complexity of the system requirements that have been determined jointly.

A lead time can increase dramatically depending on the following:

  1. Delay clients send / give the material – material required.
  2. Delay client to accept / reject mockup / prototype design were made.
  3. Clients alternating changes in demand.

Average – Average processing time for an informational website is 2-4 weeks.

That’s six stages in the development of an information system / website and things – things that can hamper project execution software.